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Who are we?   

We met during a yoga retreat in Bath, Summer 2019.  Training to deliver yoga to teenagers, we role played into playful connection, throwing out energy, bouncing cheeky behaviours, pedalling hopefulness as creative dreamers. We rode bikes through the two tunnels. Side by side in the cool dark soul revealing. Other voices in echo. Distant light beyond sight.  Connecting. A ‘Well-being’ accident.  

We then departed on our seemingly opposing lines and began writing from the differing landscapes of our lives in rural and urban England. Diverse and unrelated districts. Fusion mind-sets. Cycles of unknowns to each other. Landscapes, cultures of names and traces, complex and reachable. Threads of human experience lead us in parallel recognition; of loss and growth, contrasting histories with common unities, with creative actions as our constant therapies. Channelling our creative connection through Poetry, Yoga and Meditation; a changing dynamic in our mutual stories towards Hopefulness.    

We began writing in September 2019. Each using the same words as prompts from Yoga. We exchanged poetry weekly as spoken word recordings between each other. We held a free creative process, not wanting to force direction but to see where the energy would lead us. Keeping ‘Hopefulness’ as a focus to our different healing journeys. We wrote for 4 months on subjects including:  Synchronicity, Resonance, Letting go, Serenity, Bliss, Wild, Contrast, Flow and of course Hope. In January 2020 the organic nature of our project grew into ‘Blackswan  n Robin’ as we discussed an identity to create and perform through, which was ‘undercover’, and the play on the caped crusaders rose to the surface.  

Why undercover?  

The ‘Freedom cloak’ of people not knowing our gender, race and ages but seeing ‘Blackswan  n Robin’ means that hopefully people will be able to access our work and their own creativity before the ingrained internal judgement (which we all have, however hard we try to shake it off) kicks in. Prejudice is so intense and varied that it creates boundaries between us accessing each other at so many levels.  By using ‘Blackswan  n Robin’ we are using the power of anthropomorphosis to connect our ‘bird identities’ with our human and spiritual writing experiences.  

Our vision and plans for the project are to keep creating work from a place of healing, unity, diversity, shared humanity, positivity and peace. We are remaining very open in every respect, to keep the creative process responsive and flowing. We do know though, that we would like to create recorded audios and short videos as well as work towards a collection including art works. 

Creative culture has a way to connect and fuse people. It has a Freedom of energy to join people from all identities to become a multi-dimensional high frequency culture transcending our previous segregations. 

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